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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  September 22, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> rick: hello, everybody. well dom a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. less than two months from the election, the capped dates are out in force this hour. we'll get live reports for you. >> rick: also, what would possess a man to drop himself down into a tiger cage? why he says he did it and how this story ends, the dramatic video from the bronks zoo. >> arthel: and hundreds of thousands of people world wide turning out for the brand-new iphone 5. "consumer reports" here here to
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a comparison to the 4 s. >> rick: thousands of libyans angry overt killing of a popular americans are taking matters into their own hands, storming militia compounds in benghazi, setting them on fire, the gunman forced to run. greg palkot is streaming live from tripoli with the latest. >> we've been getting breaking news in the past hour or so. word is that even more militias are deciding to disband here in libya. the militants that are tied to a lot of the trouble in this country. first let's go to the eastern city of benghazi in this country where a peaceful protest on friday against those very militants turned into a violent storming of compounds overnight. our contacts on the ground are saying as many as 11 people were killed, 70 people injured, especially targeted in those attacks, the on star al-shariah islamist militia, that's militia
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that government here is suspected of being tied to the killing last week of ambassador christopher stevens, as well as three other americans. protesters ransacked their base and today they announced they are leaving the city to preserve security in that city. now to that breaking news, a city to the east of benghazi, durna, considered the stronghold of islamists may be the stronghold of al-qaeda strength, could also be seeing a militias disbanding in the wake of all this protest. and the wake of all this anger by the public. we're getting some confirmation from our contacts on the ground of this, again, that on star al-shariah group is saying they are disbanding, as well as another group leaving various bases there. they were pressured by locals there just like they were pressured in the city of benghazi. it is too early to tell, rick, whether this is just a tactic by these militants to get the government off their tail or whether it is a significant
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move. but it certainly what the government wants, to try to bring back law and order in this country and for our own interests, it might help with the investigation of the killing of christopher stevens and the other americans on that side of this country. back to you. >> rick: let's hope so. greg palkot streaming live from tripoli. >> arthel: leaders in iran are accusing german technology company of selling booby trapped nuclear components. iran says security experts found tiny explosives implanted inside the parts. the company denies this, saying its nuclear division stopped doing business with iran after the 1979 revolution. we have more coming up in a live report from jerusalem. >> rick: for the first time in more than a year, syrian rebel leaders are returning from turkey. a rebel determine rejoined forces inside syria two days ago and the rest are expected to follow over the next couple of weeks. these rebels now control large
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areas of syria, but there is little stopping the president there. bashar al assad and his forces from launching air and artillery strikes. there are more than 80,000 syrian refugees in turkey right now. bringing it back here at home, a busy day on the campaign trail. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan in the crucial swing state of florida. president obama is in wisconsin which has become a much sought after prize by both candidates. ed henry is live in milwaukee where the president is getting set to speak any minute now. the first up, the president is taking heat for suggesting that he hasn't been able to change washington in his first term. tell bus that. >> that's right. couple days ago in florida, the president made that comment that he could not change washington from the inside. republicans pounced on that and suggested perhaps he was
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admitting that the hope and change of 2008 had not panned out. the president aides say what he meant was that it takes change from the outside, public pressure to get washington and change on issues like the payroll tax cut or student loan rates, some of the battles that the president prevailed on in recent months. and yesterday, the president on the campaign trail sort of mocked mitt romney for his response to all this. take a listen. >> he stood up in a reallily, proudly declared i'll get the job done from the inside. what kinds of inside job is he talk talking about? is it the job of rubber stamping the top down, you're on your own agenda of this republican congress? 'cause if it is, we don't want it.
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>> paul ryan on the campaign trail, not here in wisconsin, but in florida today, fired back today and said if the president can't change washington, maybe it's time to change presidents. arthel? >> arthel: so ed, president obama had a big lead, but it's tightening in wisconsin, correct? >> big time. he won this state by almost 14 points in 2008. republicans feel like the president is on defense now because he had not been in the state in over 200 days. now he's here for some fundraising. this rally that will begin, but the democrats point out, the president still is up five or six points, depending on what public poll you believe. but the obama campaign does admit privately that they have concerns about this state, not just 'cause of paul ryan on the ticket, you have scott walker won that recall election. that sort of cast the republican ground game. the republicans won there. the question is whether or not the democrats can wake up for november here. >> arthel: we will fine out and you will tell us as always.
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thank you very much. >> rick: mitt romney not on the campaign trail today, but his vp nominee is. and as we mentioned, paul ryan campaigning in florida. taking it to the president over a comment that the presint made about not being able to change washington from the inside. you just heard a little bit of that. national correspondent steve ken tany is live in d.c how is the gop reacting now to the latest attack from vice president joe biden on the trail >> very strenuously. campaigning in new hampshire today, vice president biden kind of mocked republicans for acting as if they invented medicare. at least that's the way he put it. he said, if you come from another country and you just listen to their conversation, you'd say those guys came up with a great idea 50 years ago. you would think it was a republican idea. that's joe biden. well, the gop didn't like this at all. the romney camp putting out a very swift and very strong reaction saying, and we can look at it. vice president biden today doubled down on the same false attacks and abysmal policies
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that have failed to turn around our economy and bring change to washington. president obama's broken promises and disappointing record remind voters that the obama-biden administration doesn't deserve another four years in office. meantime, mitt romney had two fund raidsers planned for san diego and los angeles today, but otherwise no public campaign events. he's trying catch up with democrats in the fundraising race. the republicans are behind by a few million dollars in august. >> rick: besaw congressman ryan get boo'd at that aarp rally. he's talking to seniors in florida about medicare. how is that going? >> right. he's saying his plan would save medicare. the president's would put it out of business. now, about a quarter of the florida electorate is over 65, so this issue, of course, very hot in the shine state. congressman ryan's controversial budget plan called for a premium support system to help seniors buy insurance on the private market or use the current plan. and here is how he within after
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the president today. >> mitt romney and i have looked at the issue, worked with democrats, come up with the best ideas from both parties for a plan to save medicare. president obama hasn't done a thing. president obama obviously is complicit with this program going bankrupt. >> the white house claims it has strengthened medicare and extended the life of the program. rick. >> rick: steve centanni, thank you. >> arthel: possible new advances in the battle against posttraumatic stress disorder, ptsd is commonly known for affecting some of our war veterans. but the disorder also plagues victims of severe trauma or abuse. now one doctor is hoping to keep ptsd at bay with the simple injection. anna kooiman with more. >> more than 500,000 post 9-11 service members suffer from posttraumatic stress disorder. many aren't getting the relief they need. but there is a new hope in a little known treatment called
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sgb. ptsd a is often debilitating, often lead to go depression and substance abuse. sgb is an anesthetic injection. commonly used in labor epidurals. that takes about 15 minutes to administer in the neck. relief from symptoms often happens within 30 minutes. 65 patients have 25 states, including vietnam vet raleigh showens. >> if i hadn't had it done, i was at the ends of my rope, i was ready to commit suicide. the procedure is so simple and the results are so great. >> sgb is not backed by the department of veterans affairs for treating ptsd. but chicago doctor says it works in 70% of patients showing at least a 50% improvement in symptoms. >> the wonderful thing about this approach is it's a departure from the usual same
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old thing, mitigation. it hasn't been very effective, as you know. many times it works in 30 minutes. it works very rapidly. >> and the most marked improvement is in sleep. the nightmares going away. the cost of the injection is approximately $1,000 and is fully covered by the doctor's nonprofit chicago medical innovations. >> arthel: very interesting. anna kooiman, thank you very much. >> rick: to the weather now and keeping an eye on tropical storm miriam as it strengthens in the pacific. it could be become a hurricane by monday. maria molina, hi there. >> good to see you. we're tracking tropical storm miriam, currently pretty weak tropical storm with maximum sustained winds of 40 miles per hour. like you mentioned, we're expecting the storm to continue to intensify over open water and it could become a category 1 hurricane by monday morning with sustained winds of 90 miles per hour. the good news about miriam is that it's forecast to remain over open waters.
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so it is currently no threat to land and not expected to be so over the next couple of days. the official first day of fall for us and we're temperatures that sure feel like it across parts of the midwest and great lakes. currently 50 in cleveland. 59 now in chicago. and cool 58 degrees in the city of minneapolis. guess what? as we head into tonight and early tomorrow morning, it will get very chilly out there. so much so that we could be break records out there. look at international falls in minnesota. tomorrow morning, you can be seeing a temperature as cool as 2424 degrees in duluth. 30-degrees in places in iowa, kentucky. and across parts of the northeast, the same cold front that's bringing in the cool air across parts of the great lakes. showers and storms across parts of the northeast. from places like burlington, vermont, all the way down to the dc area, new york city, philadelphia, you're included in this area that could actually see severe weather in the form of damaging wind gust, large hail and even some isolated
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tornadoes. we're already starting to see showers and storms across parts of the northeast. the heavier stuff concentrated across interior portions of northeast, across parts of upstate new york, through eastern portions of pennsylvania, but showers are already starting to pop up across northern parts of new jersey and right outside the new york city area. it's likely we'll continue to see those picking up in intensity and coverage and continuing to impact us as we head into the nighttime hours. ice as we head northwest ward, we do have an area of low pressure, pretty limited in moisture. not a whole lot of rain with this system. but there could be some dry lightning from this storm across parts of washington, idaho, and oregon. so that is keeping an elevator fire danger in place. we have a number of red flag warnings in effect. >> rick: maria, thanks. >> arthel: capitol hill turning out the lights. lawmakers left their in boxes full. >> rick: it might have been
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easier taking the elevator. that would be too easy for the man known as the french spiderman. we'll show you his latest exploits. >> arthel: jumping into a tiger's den, not the smartest thing to do. >> tigers are, you know, extremely capable predators. what they typically do is grab a prey animal either by the head or in the back of the neck and then it's over very quickly.
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>> rick: mother nature putting washington state firefighters on high alert. lightning and high winds threatening to spark new fires there and fuel dozens of fires that are already burning. several severe flooding forcing evacuations in alaska. the governor declaring a state of disaster as rivers swell four feet above flood level. the man known as the french spiderman conquering steel in china today. taking him less than two hours to reach a platform near the top of the highest steel tower in the world. the landmark stands more than 1200 feet tall.
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>> arthel: the president is working hard in milwaukee at the henry myer festival park. while he's working the campaign trail, lawmakers skipping town and heading home to campaign back there. but they're clearing out after not passing legislation on a host of serious issues and not exactly working a grueling schedule. no wonder then that congress had such a low approval rating, taking a look at this gallup poll, 13% approve of congress, while 83 disapprove. will these lawmakers who seem so unpopular as a whole group have big problems getting reelected by their constituents? bringing in our panel, dd is here, gop strategist and former george w. bush aide and bernard whitman, pollster and author. good to see both of you. we saw the president campaigning. governor romney is campaigning today. paul ryan is u. everybody is walking but congress going home.
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earliest preelection break since 1960, leaving big issues unresolved. we're talking about the impending spending cuts, tax hikes that could bring our country back into a recession. so what gives? i'll give you first shot. >> this is the dc clown show. this is terrible because this is the big top. everyone is to blame. you got the white house, the capitol. you know, arthel, there are people at home out there, they are trying to make it. they just got their kids off to school. don't have any money. they're struggling. their businesses are going under and now they're thinking about christmas and the holidays. we've got these people in dc doing absolutely nothing and on the backs of the folks out there in small towns and small businesses. it's very unfair. it's very disturbing. i think every single person, every american needs to look at their member of congress and take a close look and if they're not getting the job done, they need to be voted out.
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>> arthel: they're going home because they want to go to their bosses, their constituents, to ask them to keep their jobs, extend their jobs. but one of the least popular congresses around, now least productive. what do you think? >> i think it's totally outrageous. the fact is that this congress is leaving washington earlier than any congress left in over 50 years and i actually think they're -- our approval is so low, let's get out of town before it drops even further. you know who really suffers here, if congress had stayed in town, we could have passed a jobs bill, guaranteed veterans easier time finding work, insured americans don't face a tax increase january 1. we could have insured that homeowners could refinance their mortgages and saving $3,000. we could have also insured farmers have the ability to deal with the drought. why didn't we? because this republican congress, which is stymied in the senate because of the filibuster, and controlled by the house republicans, wanted to make sure that they could save
3:22 pm
enough money to build new destroyers and couldn't cut enough money from food stamps to deliver that program. it's absolutely outrageous. >> i'm not going to defend the republicans doing the same thing. i think everybody gets the blame. the dc clown show, it's not funny. the people at home are suffering. i know a lot of people are losing their homes. they tonight have the money. it's not right. you know what the dirty little secret is, because i worked there? these people live the life of reilly. they live a royal, wonderful life. you know who is paying for it? the hardware store owners and the folks that don't have the money to take care of themselves. they're taking care of congress. >> arthel: let's try on this hypothetical. let's say the folks who are out there and you may call them crazy, but they're saying perhaps the inaction is the political blockade against the president, against president obama. if that is the case, what does congress do if he's reelected? >> i will give you an alternative vision. let's look at the last time that the republicans controlled both
3:23 pm
houses. they were in office fewer days than the do nothing congress. they actually passed -- managed to create a war, unfunded war that we shouldn't have fought. they passed tax cuts for millionaires that we couldn't afford. which set us up for an economic catastrophe. if we want to go back to the days when -- >> let's go back to the days when the democrats had both houses and it was not good. that was not good. the bill is destroying a loft businesses now. >> it's lowering premiums on medicare. >> it is not a good program and it's breaking america. we're broke now under the obama administration and congress. d.c. has a problem. we need new leadership across the board. >> the last time that the congress sent this few bills, 84
3:24 pm
bills, the last time it was this few was right before -- bill clinton was reelected. the republican did she did did she. >> and democrats. >> and the democrats that the american people do not like to see republicans try to shut down congress as they tried to do this time around. >> so they're going to keep doing this? >> i think we need a new president that is not part of dc mess. >> arthel: i guess he was part of it when he came in. let me just say this, that every president comes in no matter he came from, the senate or not, and you come in with these grand ideas that i am going to be that one who can break the barrier. and then they get hit with the political politics of d.c they come up with these grandiose ideas and -- >> that's the thing. across the board. >> you have to admit, i think two republicans should get an award for holding things back in congress. eric cantor and your vice
3:25 pm
president nomination paul ryan, who insisted time and again, it's my way or the highway. and with substantially responsible for the lack of progress. >> the person you didn't mention was mitt romney because he's not part of the dc mess. so let's bring a dc outsider in to fix the mess, the clown show needs to go. >> no question about that. >> arthel: we'll find out come november 6. thank you very much. all right, rick. >> rick: thanks. a man recovering recovering fros tiger attack will be facing criminal charges. police say the man claims he jumped into the tiger enclosure on purpose, because he apparently wanted to become one with the big cat. that's what he said. and he says despite his serious injuries, he was able to pet the 400-pound beast before help arrived. >> our emergency response staff, along with the nypd stationed at the bronks zoo immediately went to the site and they used a co 2 fire extinguisher person.
3:26 pm
we did not have to use deadly force, but we were prepared to do so if we had to. once the tiger backed away, we instructed the man to roll under a hot wire to safety. the keepers, because of their skill working with the wild animal, were able to call the tiger in off exhibit, into his holding area and secure the animal. the map, about 25 years of age, conscious and talking, was taken to the medical center by ambulance. >> is the tiger going to be put down? >> no, as you said, the tiger did nothing wrong. did nothing wrong in this case at all. >> rick: the man is currently being treated for a bite on his back. when he's reloosed, police say he will be arrested and charged with trespassing. he wanted to become one with the tiger. >> arthel: i'm glad he's not doing horribly -- he didn't get hurt really badly. but i'm also glad they're not putting the tiger down. did he nothing wrong.
3:27 pm
are you kidding me? he's at home chilling and this guy jumps in. really? moving on. iran's president, he's on his way to new york city right now and his big speech at the united nations comes as tensions rise over tehran's secretive nuclear program. we have a live report from jerusalem. >> rick: you've seen the lines and the frenzy over the new iphone 5. but does the new device match the hype? "consumer reports" is here with the review coming up. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon, america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola,
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>> rick: bottom of the hour, top headlines, anger hitting a boiling point in libya where thousands attacking islamic militia compounds and driving out the armed groups. one of the groups targeted by protesters is suspected in that
3:32 pm
deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three others. >> arthel: republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan is campaigning in florida. meanwhile, vice president biden holding an events in new hampshire. >> rick: gruesome scene in western mexico. officials saying they have found seven mutilated bodies in a part of the country plagued by battles between various drug gangs. >> arthel: iran's president on his way to the united states right now. he boarded alain in tehran bound from new york city where he will address the u.n. general assembly meeting on tuesday. rick leventhal is live in jerusalem. >> war will occur, it's just not clear where or when, according to iran's top military commander who says his army is ready and israel will be destroyed if it attempts to strike iran's nuclear facilities. these warnings come as iran's president, ahmadinejab, makes
3:33 pm
his way new york tore the -- for the u.n. general assembly. ahmadinejab denies reports that his country is building an atom bomb, claiming their nuclear facilities are for peaceful purposes. but it's said the iranians are well on their way to enough uranium to fuel as many as six nuclear weapons and israel's prime minister warns time is running out. yesterday iran showed off some of the weaponry that it says will deploy against israel in the event of an attack, including a new missile defense system and new missiles as well paraded on trucks, along with a side that read, down with usa. the top commander of iran's revolutionary says u.s. bases will be attacked even if the u.s. doesn't help israel in a war against iran, calling the jewish state shameful and cancerous. the general says, quote, the zionist regime should know that if it starts something, that will be the point of their annihilation and the end point
3:34 pm
of their story. tough talk from both sides as the u.n. general assembly prepares to kick off next week. >> arthel: rick, thank you very much for that live report from jerusalem. >> rick: new information on the investigation into that deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi that we just mentioned. intelligence sources telling fox news that 100 militants took part in that assault last week. this as f.b.i. agents on the ground there are looking into whether the attack was an inside job. national security correspondent jennifer griffin reports from washington. >> f.b.i. team assigned to investigate the murder of chris stevens is looking into whether the group of about 100 attackers armed with rocket propelled grenades, had inside help from the private security contractors who the state department had hired to guard inside the benghazi consulate. senator susan collins asked the director of the national counterterrorism center, matthew olson, this very question at a
3:35 pm
committee hearing this week. the state department hired blue mountain group, a private security group out of wales, to vet and hire local guards for the consulate. the contract was worth nearly half a million dollars. indications that the local guards may have been casing the consulate were first revealed in an on-line post by sean smith, on a gaming web site where he went by the name vile rat. quote, assuming we don't die tonight, we saw one of our, quote, police, that guard the compound taking pictures. sean smith could have been referring to the libyan government police that guarded the periphery of the compound. today the libyan anti-islamist protesters targeted the counsel of ansar al-shariah, intelligence sources say there is increasing evidence that this group may be allied with al-qaeda. the f.b.i. is looking at the fact that the american personnel moved to a safe house one mile away from the consulate where ambushed at this second location and that may mean they were killed by attackers who were tipped by libyan insiders.
3:36 pm
rick? >> rick: jennifer, thank you very much. switching gears. let's talk about the housing market. good and bad news to tell you about. independent research firm finding about 18% of side contracts on existing homes are being canceled. and reports renegotiations are up 30% from earlier in the year. so what's stopping home sellers from closing? patricia powell is founder and ceo of powell financial group. good to see you. thanks for being here. why are people doing this? why would they back out? >> variety of reasons. sometimes it's as simple as the buyers getting picky and he goes in and gets an inspection and looking for a like new house as an existing house price. they don't like the inspection. so they want to pull out t. could be as simple as the appraisal. they have a contract for x and the appraisal doesn't meet that. there is problems for the lenders. the lenders have really been burned with appraisals that were
3:37 pm
far of excess. so they're look for conservative appraisals that. could be why people don't qualify for mortgages. >> rick: aren't they penalties if you back out? >> it depends. so this is important. if you have a well drawn contract, it's going to have contingencies in it. case going to say, if you don't pay us the home inspection, what your options are. unfortunately, sometimes the option is just for the seller to fix it. but sometimes you'll never be happy in that house because it will never be fixed to your satisfaction. so you really want to be sure that you have a way to get out of the contract if some of these contingencies are not met. >> rick: what if you're a seller and you thought that you had an accepted offer that -- that you had accepted an offer that you were selling your house and you went ahead and made an offer on a house that you want to buy? what a mess. >> it could be. it can go either way. sometimes it's a little delay. but sometimes you're absolutely right. now they're the proud owner of two homes and they've got all the carrying cost.
3:38 pm
so we always advise people in my office do not buy until you are closed. it may be really inconvenient for you to have to find temporary housing and the like, but the option that you just laid out of being -- it's a disaster financially. >> yeah. and we mentioned renegotiations are up, too. which i guess is good in that the deals aren't falling apart entirely. they're just being renegotiated, the terms of them. i want to ask you about the housing market as a whole. there have been signs of life. first it was the housing market that was one of the original sort of problems that we had as we fell into this great recession. what do you see? >> first of all a lot of economists think you can't recover without a good housing market. it's really important what's going on. there is lots of things happening. for instance, housing sales are up 7.8% in the last month and 9% over the prior year. this is good news, even with some of the problems with contracts.
3:39 pm
housing starts are up. that's really important because when you start a house, that's what puts people to work. on average, a new house will put three people to work for an entire year, and it will generate $90,000 of tax revenue. so it's really good news to see it and this is for investors. if you're looking at the home builders, you can look at companyies like pulte and cb homes and see the phenomenal appreciation in their stocks in the last year. lot of people, including me, think that the stock market is a pretty good predictor of where they're going. and if they have it right on home builders, we're in for much better times in real estate. >> rick: i like to hear that. great news and interest rates, the fed has signaled that they're going to stay low for the foreseeable and that's got to help. >> 30 years is down. these are generational lows. it has not been at this level during most people's lifetimes.
3:40 pm
15-year is at 2.87. these are incredibly low rates! but you have to qualify. so if you screwed up and you say, because of the big recession, you know, i'm going to be like everybody else, i'm going to let myself get delinquent, no. it's coming home to roost because you can't take advantage of these great rates. >> rick: all right. i appreciate you breaking it down for us 'cause it has played such an important role in our economy over the last several years. i guess housing always does. patricia powell is the founder and ceo of powell financial group. nice to see you. >> nice to have good sinus inform we -- sinus. >> we like that. >> arthel: thank you very much. coming up, invitation to a sweet 16 party goes viral. thousands of uninvited guests show up. that includes the riot police. you're not going to believe why this happened. we have the full story for you coming up next [ male announcer ] for the dreamers... and those well grounded. for what's around this corner...
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>> rick: arrest they will says
3:45 pm
this is what her sweet 16 was like. a small town cleaning up after a night of violence after thousands of people crashed a young girl's party. the birthday girl neglect to do set her facebook invitation to the private setting and so guess what? >> arthel: what happened? >> rick: it went out to 30,000 people, all over the internet. thousands of them showed up to help her celebrate. but as night fell, some began to get a little crazy. bricks were thrown, windows shattered. the town had to call in the riot police. the girl, along with her family, had to leave town. in the ends, 34 people under arrest. there is a new facebook page asking people to help with the clean-up. see, that's why these settings are very important. put it on privacy, make sure only the people that you want to get the invites. >> arthel: that's why this wouldn't have happened, because it was so long ago, messages were being carried by pigeons. so it couldn't have made it
3:46 pm
viral. >> rick: come on! >> arthel: there you go. >> rick: let that be a reminder to teen-agers. >> arthel: a lesson on the second amendment is playing out on college campuses. more schools allowing students to carry weapons and concealed weapons. some at georgia tech say they need to protect themselves from an increase in campus crime. elizabeth prann is live with more in atlanta. >> the huge debate of whether or not college students should be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus is not exclusive to georgia. every year dozens of state legislators debate the issue, but it's heating up here in atlanta. about a dozen go georgia effect students rallied saying they feel unsafe after several years of violent robberies and attacks on campus streets. in july, one student woke up in his dormitory to a gun being put at his head. the perpetrators left him unharmed, but he was robbed
3:47 pm
after the incident. students for concealed carry is a national organization that advocates concealed weapons on campuses. it was organized the day after the virginia tech mass shooting back in 2007. now the group has more than 40,000 student members and it's active on 130 campuses across the nation. robert eager represents the group here at georgia tech and says they're working to educate the public and push for law abiding citizens which includes both student and faculty to carry guns legally. >> concealed weapons holers are significantly less likely to be arrested or convicted of crimes than the remaintenancer of the population. the second they step on the campus, it's said they become irresponsible. >> we're seeing this debate erupt all overt country. to match this, there is a movement of students who say they feel more gun control on campus across the nation is better. there is enough anxiety and stress on college kids as it is
3:48 pm
and guns shouldn't be involved at all. georgia tech officials tell us they are required to comply with both state and university laws so there are no guns on campus and they have no control over the policy. they also tell us they're beefing up security to make sure students feel safer on campus. arthel? >> arthel: elizabeth prann, thank you very much for that report. yesterday i was at the iphone store on 14th street and i think i saw new line of the did i? >> no, i wasn't in line. but i did order one. it's coming this week. the iphone 5 sparking a shopping frenzy. take a look at this. we had the new one right here. our friends from "consumer reports" are going to teach us all about it. tell us whether it's worth it. this is the new maps feature ha a lot of people are actually critical of. mike is here and will join us live couch don't go away he
3:49 pm
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>> rick: arthel is holing the new iphone 5. >> arthel: it does feel nice. >> rick: apple mania in full force. people waiting for hours on long lines, packing into stores to get their hands on the new phone that we want on sale yesterday. >> arthel: yes. is it really worth your shelling out up to 400 bucks for a two-year contract?
3:53 pm
"consumer reports" checks out all the bells and whistles in this newest version. mike is here. senior electronics he would tore. >> glad to be here. >> arthel: give us the goods on this new gem here. >> it's probably the most significant update to iphone. the first time they've expanded screen. now it's four inches and the first iphone that can access these faster 4 g networks that people have been using now for over two years. that means you'll be able to download files much faster, web sites, the phone itself will be a little more responsive because all the apps will get updated quicker. a lot of the updates are through software that you'll be able to get on the current iphone you have now. there is a new mapping feature that gives you 3 d tryovers. a lot of people complained there are some glitches with it. for example, the statue of liberty and the brooklyn bridge look demolished. but i'm sure they'll fix that. >> rick: these are things that
3:54 pm
apple can fix and send out like an update, right? >> right. this is the first time -- this marks the divorce from google. this particular app. >> rick: they don't like each other. >> they don't like each other at all. so apple decided to go on its own and this is the first time out. one of the problems is they don't have as many -- the maps don't have as many points of interest as the google apps. >> arthel: the transportation updates aren't there. >> the information about local bus service, that's not there yet. but there is traffic and there will be apps to supplement. >> rick: couple of things, holding it, and i've had the iphone dating back to the first iphone. this feels a lot lighter. >> about 20% lighter than the last one. >> rick: it looks thinner. >> it's 20% thinner, too. and the screen is a little bigger. >> arthel: right. so that means you can -- >> you have an extra row of apps and so much of the content,
3:55 pm
video content is wide screen. so it will fill the screen better. >> rick: i also noticed that the jack, the charger is different. they've done away with the old charger. we'll hold that. what is this? iphone 4? >> the 30 pin one. >> rick: you can see the difference. first of all, people can see the difference right there. the jacks are different, too. a lot of people buy accessories, docking stations and alarm cadillac that an iphone will sit on top of. >> in your car. >> rick: what do you do? >> apple is going to have adapters for 30 or $40, depending on the design available in october. they may be preordered now. some of the features may not work. that's bummer. but you can bet accessories will be coming out of the woodwork. >> arthel: why did they change this to accommodate -- >> they figured to keep the phone thinner. there's a new advantage that doesn't matter how you put the plug in, with the older jack, you have to make sure the little symbol was up. it is an improvement. it's just going ton an
3:56 pm
inconvenience for people who have already invested in a loft accessories. >> rick: the camera is supposedly much better, too? >> the camera, we ran our test. it was supposed to be better burks we found it was only just a teensy bit better than individual yet. but otherwise it's pretty much the same as the one -- and now most iphone user, if you have a 4 s, you'll be able to take panoramic shots. >> rick: you look good. so bottom line, is it worth it? if you have anything below an iphone 4 and below? >> if a 4 s and you're happy with t i'd wait 'til the contract expires. >> rick: "consumer reports," thanks for bringing this in. >> my pleasure. >> arthel: he loves it. thanks. that does it for us. stick around. harris faulkner is next with the fox report. see you later. becoming a fulltime indoor cat wasn't easy for atti. but he had purina cat chow indoor.
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